How to Activate Peacock TV on Your Samsung Smart TV

Peacock TV has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services thanks to its extensive content library and unique subscription tiers. If you recently got a new Samsung Smart TV and want to start watching Peacock, this guide will show you how to easily activate it in just a few steps.

A Closer Look at Peacock TV

Peacock TV first launched in 2020 and has rapidly grown to over 54 million signups to date. It’s supported on a wide range of devices like¬†LG Smart TVs, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV,¬†and more. No matter what device you want to use, Peacock delivers a¬†tailored and immersive streaming experience.

“I love using Peacock TV for its awesome selection of shows and movies across every genre.” – Emma T., Peacock User since 2021

What makes Peacock TV different from other streaming platforms? Here’s an overview of some key features:

Massive Content Library
Peacock offers an absolutely massive catalog spanning popular shows, movies, news, sports, skit comedy, classics, and more. Major partners include NBC, Universal Pictures, Dreamworks, Illumination, Sky Studios, ViacomCBS, WWE Network, and other top studios.

This means you get full access to smash hit exclusive Peacock Originals like Bel-Air, The Resort, Vampire Academy, and The Best Man: The Final Chapters. Plus countless iconic favorites like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Chrisley Knows Best, and so much more.

From Past to Present, Peacock covers every genre imaginable with thousands of options to choose from. And they add a selection of new hot shows and movies each week to keep it fresh.

Freemium Tier¬†The free ad-supported version of Peacock TV includes 15,000+ hours of great entertainment spanning movies, shows, sports, news, documentaries, and channels. That’s more free content than many competing platforms. Hundreds are in rotation at any time.

The freemium approach makes Peacock TV a flexible streaming option. You can watch a generous portion of their library absolutely free or upgrade to paid packages for totally ad-free access with even more content.

Innovative Platform
Peacock delivers a streaming experience designed to cater to diverse viewing styles and needs. It’s packed with unique features like:

  • Personalized recommendation options¬†– Get shows and movies served to you based on your interests
  • Customizable channels¬†– Arrange channels with your preferred programming genres
  • Downloadable content¬†– Take episodes offline when traveling
  • Curated daily news segment¬†– Stay informed with speedy news recap from NBC News Now
  • Dual Livestreams¬†– Enjoy the Olympics, Sunday Night Football and more with two streams at once

And Peacock’s well-built, user-friendly interfaces translate smoothly across a spectrum of mobile, web, and TV platforms.

Requirements for Samsung Smart TV Activation

Now let’s go over exactly what you need to activate Peacock TV on your Samsung Smart TV model:

1. Supported Samsung Smart TV Model

Peacock TV optimization is currently available on all 2022 Samsung TVs plus select 2021 models onwards.

You can quickly check if your Samsung Smart TV is compatible by referring to the model number.

2022 Samsung Models Supported:

  • Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K Smart TV
  • QN800B Neo QLED 8K TV
  • QN700B Neo QLED 4K TV
  • Q60B QLED 4K TV
  • AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K TV

2021 Models Supported:

  • QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV
  • QN800A Neo QLED 8K TV
  • QN90A Neo QLED 4K TV
  • Q80A QLED 4K TV
  • AU8000 Crystal LED TV

And more Рsee full list of supported models here.

As long as you have a fairly recent Samsung Smart TV like one of those listed, you should be compatible.

2. Peacock Account

Naturally, you need a Peacock TV account before activating the app on your Samsung TV.

You have two options for setting up an account:

A. Create Account Early at

Head to and hit sign up to create your username and password ahead of time. Just input your email, choose a password, and provide basic personal details.

This will instantly generate your Peacock account ready for activation across devices.

B. Sign Up Through the Peacock TV App

Alternatively, you can download the Peacock app on any device like mobile or through the Samsung TV installation covered next.

When prompted, select “Create Account” and enter the requisite sign up information like email address, password, and payment details (for paid tiers only).

Both options work perfectly fine. So sign up whenever is most convenient – either now or in the app activation steps next.

3. Reliable High Speed Internet Connection

The final prerequisite is ensuring your Samsung Smart TV has a stable high-speed internet connection. This is essential for installing, activating, and smoothly streaming Peacock TV in HD quality.

For best results, use an Ethernet cable directly into the TV hardware or connect to a 5GHz WiFi network option.

  • Ethernet option is most reliable with max speeds up to 1 Gigabit on supported devices
  • 5GHz WiFi offers better performance with minimal interference over 2.4GHz

Check that your Samsung TV can connect properly to the internet before moving forward. From the Smart Hub menu, do a quick internet connection test and confirm decent Download and Upload speeds.

Now let’s get into how to find, download, and activate Peacock TV!

Accessing the Peacock App on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung’s intuitive Smart Hub interface makes accessing Peacock TV a breeze. Follow this quick step-by-step process:

  1. Turn on your compatible¬†Samsung Smart TV¬†and make sure it’s connected to the internet as covered in the prerequisites.
  2. Pick up your Samsung TV remote and press the¬†“Home” button. This is usually shaped as a house icon and it opens the Smart Hub portal.
  3. Next, navigate left/right to select the¬†“Media”¬†tab if not already highlighted.
  4. Scroll down and select the¬†“Apps”¬†section, then navigate to the app store area. This is where you access any downloaded applications.
  5. Enter¬†“Peacock”¬†into the¬†search bar¬†and hit enter or select the magnifying glass icon to initiate search.
  6. The Peacock TV application should appear as the first search result. Select it to open the Peacock app page.
  7. Choose¬†“Download”¬†or¬†“Add App”¬†to begin installation of Peacock onto your Samsung Smart TV.
  8. Once finished, you will find the Peacock icon now located in your Samsung Smart TV’s app menu ready to launch!

The process takes just a minute or two to fully download and install the streaming platform.

For other TV platforms, steps may be slightly different but follow the same general app store search method.

Now let’s dive into the Peacock activation process.

Activating Peacock TV on Your Samsung Smart TV

Once the Peacock TV application is successfully installed, just follow this 5-step procedure to activate it:

Step 1) Launch Peacock App

From your Samsung Smart TV’s main menu, scroll to and select the newly downloaded Peacock icon to launch the app.

You may need to accept any permissions or notifications if prompted.

Step 2) Retrieve Unique Activation Code

As soon as the app opens, follow the on-screen cues to choose¬†“Activate Device”. The next prompt will display your unique 8-character activation code needed for the process.

Example Peacock Activation Code: PEACOCK1

Note this full code down exactly as shown on your TV. You can take a quick pic on your phone too for easy reference as you will need to enter it in the next step.

Step 3) Navigate to Peacock Activation Website

On any Mac, PC or mobile device, open the web browser and go to:

This is Peacock’s official activation portal specifically designed for TV sign-ins.

Alternatively, you can visit for a variation tailored to Samsung. But either page will work.

Step 4) Input Activation Code

At the activation webpage, carefully type in the 8-character activation code from your Samsung TV into the provided field.

Double and triple check it matches EXACTLY to authorize this device.

Step 5) Sign In With Your Peacock Account

Next, the page will prompt you to enter credentials to sign into your existing Peacock account.

If you already created a Peacock username previously either on web or their mobile app, input it here along with password to link it to your Samsung TV.

Or alternatively, select¬†“Create Account”¬†to set up a completely new Peacock ID. Just fill in the requisite sign up info like email address and password + payment details if choosing a paid Premium plan.

And voila! Signing in with your account fully activates Peacock TV on the Samsung platform. Your Smart TV will now have 100% access to stream freely.

‚ÄúMan, I really had no problems activating Peacock on my new Samsung TV. Took maybe 5 total minutes following the step-by-step guide.‚ÄĚ

Samsung Smart TV Activation Steps
1 Launch Peacock App
2 Retrieve Activation Code
3 Visit
4 Input Activation Code
5 Sign In to Peacock Account

And that’s truly all there is to it activate Peacock TV on supported Samsung TVs!

Common Peacock Activation Problems + Fixes

Don’t panic if you run into a few hiccups when first configuring Peacock. Activation issues are usually minor and easily fixed.

Here are some common error messages and troubleshooting tips:

Activation Code Not Working?

Double, triple, quadruple check that the activation code you input matches EXACTLY with the 8-character code generated on your TV.

One wrong digit will invalidate the entire thing, so be meticulous here. Re-enter it carefully if needed.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Ensure your Samsung Smart TV has a reliable high-speed internet connection via WiFi or ethernet.

No or spotty connectivity will disrupt the activation process. Test your connection speed directly on the TV.

Can’t Sign Into Peacock Account

If already registered, try securely resetting your password directly via Peacock’s website if you have login problems.

When creating a new account in activation, carefully enter all info like full email, unique password, and card details for paid tiers.

activation code only works once

This is expected behavior. Each activation code expires immediately after use as a security measure.

Simply request another fresh code directly through the Peacock TV app on your Samsung Smart TV and re-enter at to link your account.

Other Activation Problems Persist

For any other issues activating Peacock on your Samsung or really any supported device, your best bet is to contact their help center for troubleshooting assistance.

You can submit an online support request form on¬†Peacock’s Help website here¬†explaining the issue in detail. Their staff is equipped to solve almost any activation, streaming, or app glitches that users commonly encounter.

Be detailed in describing the exact problem plus steps taken already. Include your Peacock username or email if submitting signed-in for quicker help.

Exploring Peacock Premium, Plus, and Free Subscription Tiers

Once successfully set up with an account, you can sign into the Peacock app now activated across supporting Samsung TV models like:

  • QLED 4K Smart TV
  • Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV
  • The Frame Smart TV
  • The Serif Smart TV
  • Samsung 8K Smart TV

And enjoy their full catalog of on-demand movies, shows, sports, news, channels, and Peacock exclusives!

Now here is a breakdown of what content is unlocked across the various Peacock subscription options:

Peacock Premium ($4.99/month)

Peacock Premium offers their complete 15,000+ hours catalog of content with just 5 minutes or less of ads per hour. This maintains the vibrant streaming experience while maximizing watch time.

Included with Premium, you get:

‚úĒ Full episodes of Peacock Originals like¬†Bel-Air,¬†The Resort,¬†Saved by the Bell 2.0,¬†Wolf Like Me, and more

‚úĒ Next day access to current NBC and Telemundo shows

‚úĒ Full library of classic NBC comedies¬†The Office,¬†Parks & Rec,¬†30 Rock, SNL, The Tonight Show, and every sitcom in between

‚úĒ Front row ‘Every BIG event’ like¬†WWE Premium Live Events,¬†Sunday Night Football,¬†Premier League,¬†Notre Dame Football,¬†Ryder Cup¬†and more

‚úĒ Universal Pictures’ vast collection of modern blockbusters franchises like¬†Jurassic World,¬†Fast & Furious,¬†Illumination¬†hits

‚úĒ Curated daily news recap from¬†NBC News Now¬†and¬†MSNBC

‚úĒ 24/7 live sports news coverage from¬†Sky Sports

‚úĒ Early access to late night shows like¬†The Tonight Show¬†and¬†Late Night with Seth Meyers¬†before airing

‚úĒ Hundreds of hit boxsets from USA Network, SYFY, Bravo, Oxygen, E! and more

That’s just a tiny preview of all the awesome shows, movies, sports, news, and exclusives packed into Peacock Premium. Well worth $4.99 monthly!

Peacock Premium Plus ($9.99/month)

For completely ad-free viewing, upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus. This grants you the exact same full content catalog as the regular Premium tier but without any pesky commercials.

Premium Plus joins all the previously listed Premium features and adds:

‚úĒ Zero ads – 100% uninterrupted streaming

‚úĒ Download up to 25 titles for offline mobile viewing

So for maximum streaming convenience, going premium plus means:

  • Pure non-stop episode and movie watching
  • Take shows on planes, road trips, using mobile data

If you want the most seamless watching experience without distractions, Premium Plus is a worthwhile upgrade at just double the cost but tons extra perks.

Peacock Free

And for casual users simply wanting to test Peacock before committing to a paid package, they do offer a 100% free ad-supported version.

Highlights of what you get absolutely free includes:

‚úĒ ~15,000 hours of quality programming – generous for a free tier!

‚úĒ Next day access to current NBC broadcast series

‚úĒ Select episodes of Peacock originals like¬†Bel Air,¬†The Resort,¬†Wolf Like Me

‚úĒ Hundreds of popular movies like¬†The Matrix¬†trilogy,¬†Shrek,¬†Ray,¬†Silver Linings Playbook

‚úĒ Classic shows like¬†Kings of Queens,¬†Frasier,¬†Downton Abbey

‚úĒ Curated daily news from¬†NBC News Now

‚úĒ 24/7 live sports replays¬†Premier League Goal Zone,¬†Match of the Day

‚úĒ Thousands of hours of NBCU TV vault classics from the 80s, 90s and 2000s

Tons of high quality movies and shows are available completely free. Supported by 5 minutes of advertising each hour.

While less robust than paid offerings, Peacock Free still packs a very solid bang for your buck and is more than enough entertainment for casual streamers. Give it a spin first!


No matter your preferences for things like ads and device usage, Peacock TV offers flexible subscription tiers to suit any needs.

Why Choose Peacock? Key Benefits

Here’s a quick recap of what makes Peacock TV a top streaming contender with over¬†54 million signups¬†already:

Massive Content Library

Peacock grants access to a mammoth catalog spanning every imaginable genre thanks to partnerships with industry leaders like NBC, Universal, Dreamworks, Illumination, Sky Studios, ViacomCBS, WWE Network, and more.

From smash hit movies still in theaters to classic sitcoms that defined eras to groundbreaking Peacock Originals – endless options await.

Freemium Model

The free ad-supported tier supplies 15,000+ hours of quality entertainment completely gratis. Pay premium optionally for bonus titles when wanted. Great flexibility.

Innovative Features

standout functionality for all streaming styles:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Customizable channels
  • Downloadable content
  • Curated news
  • And much


Intuitive Interface

Peacock offers a polished, visually appealing interface thoughtfully optimized for every device. Effortlessly navigate between personalized For You feeds, browsable categories, your Watchlist and more.

Key elements like the search function, tabs, and menus are conveniently located. Important controls always nearby like subtitles or cast options. Layouts smartly adapt to mobile, tablet, desktop and TV platforms with screen-appropriate text sizing and spacing.

It just feels snappy and intuitive to find stuff you want. Whether looking for that super old episode of SNL or the newest NBC drama or starting a movie you’ve bookmarked.

Robust Account Features

Peacock builds on the well-rounded interface with equally rich account management and viewing functionality like:

  • Multiple Profiles¬†– Create up to 6 profiles per account. Ideal for personalized feeds isolated from other household members
  • Continue Watching¬†– Instantly pickup shows/movies where you left off. Or scroll rewind if needed
  • Downloads¬†– Available for offline mobile viewing during commutes
  • Reminders¬†– Never miss premieres or live events with schedules & alerts
  • Channels¬†– Endless tailored channels based on genres, shows, eras
  • Closed Captions¬†– Customize CC text styles for readability
  • Video Quality¬†– Manually select highest bitrates if connection allows

Whether catching the big game on Sunday or binging a 90s sitcom, Peacock offers viewing flexibility even the pickiest streamers approve.

Viewing Plans For All

As outlined earlier, Peacock strikes an accommodating balance with free vs premium plans:

  • Peacock Free¬†pleases casual users with a generous catalog constantly refreshed with movies, shows, news, sports. All subsidized with limited commercials.
  • Peacock Premium¬†($4.99/month) unlocks the full monty including next-day premieres, exclusive WWE events, live channels like Sky News, early late night access and more. Minimal ads.
  • Go¬†Premium Plus¬†($9.99/month) for the identical content catalog as Premium but with zero ads interference plus mobile downloads. Complete immersion.

Balancing choice, costs and features – Peacock hits the streaming trifecta with options tailored any lifestyle or budget.

Wrapping Up Peacock TV Activation on Samsung Smart TVs

In closing, stepping through activating Peacock TV on supported Samsung Smart TVs models is quick and seamless.

Just head to the Media Hub ‚Üí Apps section and install Peacock. Launch the app to grab a unique activation code. Input this at and link a registered account for full access. Begin streaming top movies, shows, channels, sports and more in brilliant 4K quality!

Troubleshoot the occasional sign-in or code error with handy fixes. Choose the best membership tier for your needs – Free, Premium or Plus. And start enjoying the highly personalized, feature-packed Peacock TV platform on your new Samsung TV asap!

For any deeper questions on activation, accounts, supported devices and more – consult Peacock’s¬†well-stocked Help Center¬†for articles addressing virtually every use case.

Happy streaming!


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